The Innovate cluster welcomed a delegation from Tanzania at the ART-ER headquarters in Bologna on 16 April.

The event was opened by the Big Data Association and during the meeting some member companies of Clust-ER Innovate took turns and brought their case histories. Among the guest companies we listened to: 

  • Filippo Bosi, CEO of Imola Informatica, who illustrated Cyber Security applications in the banking sector
  • Michele Bianco, Enterprise Market Director of NETSERVICE, who illustrated the applications of e-government in the organizational and procedural fields
  • Andrea Lombardelli, CEO of Geo4, who illustrated Downstream Aerospace applications in the Agritech sector

The Tanzanian delegation consisted of five delegates from the Ministry of Information, Communication and IT and the ICT Commission, including:

  • Mr Mohammed Khamis Abdulla – Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and IT
  • Mr Nkunde Moses Mwasaga – Director General of the ICT Commission
  • Mr Mohamed Mashaka – Director of the ICt System Development and Service of the Ministry of Information, Communication and IT
  • David Mwankenja – Director of Policy and Planning of the Ministry of Information, Communication and IT
  • Mrs Eunice Masigati – Personal assistant to the Permanent Secretary
  • Mr Jasson Kalaba Ndanguzi – Head of Technical Service of the ICT Commission

The meeting was part of an EU-funded programme called TAIEX, which fosters exchange between Tanzanian and Italian authorities. It was an interesting opportunity, taken together with ART-ER and the Emilia-Romagna Region, to share knowledge and experience in the field of innovation and technology, which we hope to repeat as soon as possible.

Il progetto è realizzato grazie ai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna - Pr Fesr 2021-2027