Open to Innovate

The open manifesto of ethical and sustainable innovation ecosystems.

In liquid modernity, “change is the only constant, and uncertainty is the only certainty” (Baumann). Organizations must rely on open, flexible, and effective innovation models that keep them in constant contact with political, market, and research actors.

The network becomes the most effective means of evolution, the source of cross-pollination. Complexity becomes the engine of discovery. The territory becomes the cradle of ideas. The well-being of people and respect for the future become the purpose of innovation.

We started with the values of the Innovate Clust-ER Community and represented them in an open manifesto, aiming to voice a territory rich in opportunities and prospects, the Emilia-Romagna Region, and all those who embrace this approach.

Shared culture and values are needed to ensure widespread and sustainable innovation from an ethical, economic, and environmental perspective.

If you share this perspective, endorse the Open to Innovate manifesto and help us spread the word.

Here are the points of the manifesto developed by the members of Clust-ER Innovate:

O2I_Manifesto_ENG (1)

"The changing times urge us to rethink things. To reflect on our choices. And on the planet we will leave to future generations. Uncertain contexts drive us to write a new humanism. Made of openness, curiosity, a desire to learn and experiment together. Thanks to networks of people, collaborations, and ongoing research. Listening to diverse ideas allows us to transcend the boundaries of the 'small garden.' And to discover a territory rich in skills, experiences, and innovation. Together, we want to cultivate that inventiveness that characterizes our region. To address larger challenges. With an openness to the community and the world around us." Daniela Malavolti e Gino Corbolante - Pidiprogetto

Thanks to Filippo Bosi, Vice President of Clust-ER Innovate and CEO of Imola Informatica, for supporting the activities that led to the creation of the Manifesto.

Imola Informatica is an independent IT consulting company that supports public and private companies in improving their services, work processes, and management approaches to seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Imola Informatica serves major financial and insurance groups and is alongside large companies and small startups every day in managing technological and cultural change. It is part of a network that shares the idea of making innovation tailored to people, businesses, and the community and has always been committed to the conscious development of local communities and smart cities.

Thanks to Gino Corbolante and Daniela Malavolti, Co-Founder and Communication Specialist of Pidiprogetto, who supported us throughout the process of creating the manifesto.

Pidiprogetto is a communication, image, and design agency founded in Lugo (Ra) in 2005. It has always taken care of the brand identity of companies, organizations, associations, and professionals. Over the years, the agency has specialized in co-design, coaching, and mentoring activities to collaboratively create tailor-made communication solutions and products with people. Since 2015, it has conceived and put into practice its Corporate Gym: a construct, a metaphor, a place to train people and organizations to develop skills, connections, and visions together. The tools, exercises, and game methodologies are inspired by design thinking and are flexibly and punctually tailored to each individual context.

Il progetto è realizzato grazie ai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna - Pr Fesr 2021-2027