Working groups and regional projects

Strategic Forum for the promotion of the regional aerospace supply chain

The Forum was created to allow the supply chains of manufacturing companies and services in the aerospace sector in Emilia-Romagna to contribute to national development and equip themselves with a collective, visible and identifiable identity.

It Forum operates as a place of aggregation and discussion between Emilia-Romagna companies, the most representative regional business associations, universities and specialized research centers, also through specific working groups and the involvement of experts as well asItalian Air Force And theNational aerospace technology cluster(Ctna).

The Forum aims to strengthen and structure the aerospace supply chain of Emilia-Romagna, from large to small and medium-sized, from universities to research centers, through initiatives that strengthen the regional role in European research networks and projects, accelerating internationalization processes in the space economy sector of participating companies

Clust-ER Innovate is a member of the Forum and makes a contribution focused on the Downstream aerospace sector, with particular focus on Earth Observation

Tavolo Regionale Multistakeholder IT-ER

ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, on behalf of the Region, has launched a series of actions to attract and facilitate the presence of international talents in the region, in the interests of Universities, Research Centers, as well as Clust-ER Associations, Tecnopoli, the Network High Technology, through the identification and testing of replicable intervention models. In this context, the IT-ER – International Talents in Emilia-Romagna platform was born, dedicated to foreign students and researchers, as well as to young people from Emilia-Romagna, by birth or training, residing abroad. IT-ER accompanies and guides international talents interested in investing in their training and career in Emilia-Romagna, offering information on how to fit in adequately: from the visa request to relationships and in the area

Clust-ER Innovate is a member of the Table and makes a contribution focused on the ICT sector

Regional Committee for Talent Attraction

On 21 February 2023, the Emilia-Romagna Region approved Regional Law 2/2023 called “Attraction, permanence and enhancement of highly specialized talents in Emilia-Romagna”, a law created toto attractIt is hold back the talents:highly specialized people that they can find in Emilia-Romagna Work, your own professional or business space research, or undertake and further advanced training course.

Clust-ER Innovate is a member of the Committee and makes a contribution focused on the ICT sector

Skills Intelligence

The Skills Intelligence Emilia-Romagna tool shows, in interactive mode, data on skills and professional profiles sought by Emilia-Romagna companies operating in the areas of specialization of theSmart Specialization Strategyregional. It is aimed in particular at operators in the world of training and higher education to encourage the updating of training courses in line with the needs of the regional labor market. The tool is made up of three areas: announcements, hiring and needs.

Skills Intelligence Emilia-Romagna is an initiative of the Emilia-Romagna Region, created by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, with the support of the European Social Fund+ 2021-2027, with the collaboration of the regional employment agency, Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna , Clust-ER associations, Big Data association, and Lightcast technical support.

Pilot project on the process of transforming the goods logistics of the Union of Romagna Faentina

The project aims to involve stakeholders in the co-design of Proximity Logistics Spaces (SLP), identified in the PUMS of the Municipality of Faenza (approved with City Council Resolution n.65 of 09/30/2021) as a measure of support for the extension of the ZTL. The impacts and benefits expected from the activation of SLPs (Proximity Logistics Spaces) mainly concern: the reduction of congestion and polluting emissions, the increase in safety, greater productivity for transport operators and the possibility of avoiding access to ZTL, the possibility of regenerating street furniture, through a process of reorganization of city areas.

Beneficiary of the contribution: Union of Municipalities of Romagna Faentina – Municipality of Faenza

Project Partners: Clust-ER Build, Clust-ER Innovate and the Institute of Transport and Logistics Foundation (ITL), Con.Ami Consortium, Prof. Claudio Lantieri (DICAM Department – UniBo)

A Digital Twins-enabled platform for a REsilient and Sustainable production in the InduSTry 5.0 era (RESIST0)

The fourth industrial revolution (I4.0) establishes that digital transformation is an essential process for companies that intend to strengthen their competitiveness on the global market. The new I5.0 revolution raises the bar by placing emphasis on challenges of resilience, sustainability and a “human-centric” growth vision.

RESIST0 intends to take on these challenges by offering the industrial manufacturing sector tools to improve the resilience and sustainability of its production cycles. In particular, the project will develop digital services, offered through a software platform, for the management of production lines and the supply chain based on the use of Digital Twins and supported by IT technologies such as Cloud/Edge Computing, Big Data and AI.

Through the software platform, the company will be able to define digital models of the company assets dedicated to production, have a virtual environment in which to carry out, in total safety for humans and machines, simulations of the production lines’ processes, and finally build a reliable supply chain starting from an innovative rating

 model of the players in the supply chain based on social and environmental sustainability parameters.

Members of the Project ATS:

Clust-ER Innovate manages WP5. Dissemination of results, in which he will take care of project communication and dissemination of results, including the creation of a virtual laboratory to demonstrate the results obtained.

Cyber Range for Industrial Security - CRI4.0

The ever-increasing need for skills useful for detecting and dealing with cyber-security threats requires highly qualified experts who undergo constant training on attack scenarios that are as similar as possible to real ones. A Cyber ​​Range is a specific meaning, applied to Cyber-Security scenarios, of the digital twin concept, which is designed to replicate a real physical object/system in a virtual system for all intents and purposes. The flexibility of the Cyber ​​Range lies in the possibility of designing and deploying operational scenarios that are totally customizable depending on the training objectives.

The objective of this project is the creation of a Cyber ​​Range entirely dedicated to the industrial manufacturing sector which can be used by companies in the sector and function as an interdisciplinary laboratory to test the security of industrial plants and train current and future specialists. The project intends to provide a pilot implementation of Cyber ​​Range deployed in a virtual environment (cloud), as well as the set of software tools necessary to deploy it in an equivalent way on the private infrastructure of a user, such as the companies involved in the project.

Members of the Project ATS:

  • Consortium for Technology Transfer T3 LAB of the University of Bologna
  • CRIS Interdepartmental Research Center on Safety and Risk Prevention of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 
  • MechLav Industrial research laboratory of the Ferrara Tecnopolo 
  • Clust-ER Innovate

Data-driven IT Services for Sustainable and Efficient Manufacturing (DISSEM)

Sustainable manufacturing is the mantra of modern Industry 5.0 applications and the aim is to improve the quality of production processes to enable Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) and Zero Waste Manufacturing (ZWM), and therefore produce with zero defects and zero waste.

ZDM and ZWM require innovative Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. The project therefore intends to address the problem by extending the IT platforms already developed by the partnership by introducing new methodologies and tools. In the ML field, the topics of real-time inference, the quality of data generated by production equipment and on-board machine learning will be addressed. In the Big Data field, MLOps solutions will be created to keep ML models updated and efficient as production processes change and enable dynamic and contextual learning. To achieve these ambitious objectives, the project will make use of a partnership of motivated laboratories and companies with proven skills.

The Big Data and ML services created by the project will be validated in real use cases provided by the partnership companies and specifically selected because they are highly representative.

With DISSEM, companies in Emilia-Romagna will have a high TRL “semi-finished product” that can be easily customized for their production processes.

Members of the Project ATS:

Clust-ER Innovate manages WP5. Dissemination of results, in which he will take care of project communication and dissemination of results, including the creation of a virtual laboratory to demonstrate the results obtained.

National and International working groups and projects

European Wireless ICT S3 partnership

This partnership aims to help to develop and implement a common strategy enabling investments in the field of fast and energy- and resource-efficient wireless ICT. The thematic working areas are Health,  Future sustainable industry, Autonomous vehicles and Smart cities/regions

Advanced CoMputing Continuum Solutions for Boosting DigITalization across European RegionS – AMBITIOUS

The Project belongs to typology Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (i3) and involves 18 Partners from 5 countries: Italy, Holland, Finland, Greece, Sweden

The main goal of AMBITIOUS is to provide a fundamental technological infrastructure, which will provide advanced data aggregation and clean-up, analytics, AI-enabled forecasting and secure information exchange mechanisms, via a transparent computing continuum infrastructure, to be integrated with existing, mature services (of at least TRL6) of the relevant stakeholders (SMEs), unleashing for them yet unforeseen functionalities and opening up new pathways of commercial exploitation.

Il Clust-ER Innovate è partner di progetto supportando il Work Package WP 4 Demonstrations and Piloting, that aims at planning, deploying, validating and evaluating the pilots of AMBITIOUS in the seven Use Cases 

Excellence in green and digital manufacturing - EXCEED

This project aims at establishing a European COVE network of 6 centers in 5 countries, Italy, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, and Greece to support innovation and sustainable competitiveness of the Advanced Manufacturing (AM) sector. EXCEED assumes the synergic and mutual benefitting application of digital and green, according to the so-called “digital eco-innovation” paradigm and the transition to the circular digital economy as powerful leverages to accelerate innovation in AM. 

Involving a public-private platform of overall 39 partners, 18 full and 21 associates, EXCEED will work as an alive integrated skills ecosystem, promoting: upskilling and reskilling of low-skilled adults and workers, strengthening through design of new curricula and updating of existing ones, adopting joint strategies for Talent Management, upskilling and empowerment VET professionals 

In 4 years, partners expect to involve at least n. 600 learners and an overall number of 26.000 beneficiaries through an extensive multichannel communication strategy

Clust-ER Innovate is a project partner supporting the Work Package on dissemination, training and focus group management.


The European Interreg Europe DEBUTING Project is an initiative dedicated to promoting gender equality in the business context. The main goal of this project is to spread economic progress through gender inclusion and awareness. The project aims to support the improvement of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to make them more competitive by 2026, focusing on the promotion of gender equality.

The specific initiatives of the project include:

  1. Increase Entrepreneurial Capacities: It is expected to increase the entrepreneurial capacities of over 7500 SMEs. This will be achieved by promoting a more inclusive corporate culture and supporting the development of innovative business models.

  2. Gender Equality Awareness: The project aims to raise awareness of the potential and importance of adopting gender equality approaches within businesses.

  3. Enhancement of Existing Measures and Development of New Initiatives: The project is committed to improving the efficiency of existing measures aimed at promoting gender equality in the corporate sphere. Additionally, efforts will be made to design new and innovative initiatives in this field and improve monitoring and evaluation with appropriate indicators.

  4. Involvement of Policymakers and Business Associations: The project intends to increase the awareness and capabilities of policymakers and business organizations regarding the importance of gender equality as a critical factor for the growth and competitiveness of SMEs.

Currently, the project involves 11 partners from 10 different regions. There are planned 33 interregional policy learning events, along with at least 22 shared best practices and 80 meetings of regional stakeholder groups involving 87 organizations.

To stay updated on developments and to participate in the project, you can follow the provided link for more details and registration. The DEBUTING Project represents a significant effort to promote gender equality in the business world, thus contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Clust-ER participates in this project as a bearer of case histories and therefore a contributor to the European white paper on best practices


The PENELOPE-PROJECT aims to develop, transfer and implement innovative practices on gender mainstreaming strategies in European SMEs, following a cluster-based approach to build gender-inclusive structures, promote online cooperation and blended learning opportunities among EU industry clusters and their SMEs. It is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. Clust-ER participates in this project as a bearer of case histories and therefore a contributor to the European white paper on best practices

Il progetto è realizzato grazie ai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna - Pr Fesr 2021-2027